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Grandfather Alexander Lebenstein



Grandfather Alexander Lebensteinís 

butcher shop at 36 Disselhof Strasse





Grandmother Henrietta Lebenstein

Parent's Natan and Lotte Lebenstein




Alex as a baby with mother and three sisters



Alex on the first day of school

Kindergarten 1933. Note the Nazi flags in the rear of the picture and the glum countenance on the faces of all the children

with the exception of the curly haired Alex in the middle who is clearly mugging for the camera.



Alex, 6, in front of the Gazebo with two of his sisters and two neighbors

Alex in the family garden with his sisters




Alex  in the backyard at Disselhof 36.

The fence in the background is the same fence against which they caught their breath and nursed their wounds on the night of Kristallnacht

Alex and his parents and two sisters in front of the family garden gazebo


Alex ready to assist in the butcher shop



Alex with his parents at the time of his Bar Mitzvah while residing in the Judenhaus

Farm Butcher



The resulting destruction of the Haltern Synagogue in the aftermath of Kristallnacht, November 10, 1938

Alex regains his name and identity

Alex proudly wearing his apron in Displaced Persons (DP) Camp Deggendorf



Group picture in Displaced Persons (DP)

Camp Deggendorf

February, 1947. Alex in the grocery store on Nine Mile Road in Richmond, VA. With him are his sister Rose and brother-in-law Edward Spanier, and niece Esther.

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