Younger Days of Alex Lebenstein Alex in More Recent Years



Sign greeting Alex at the Haltern Realschule



The Alexander-Lebenstein-Realschule of Haltern am See is unveiled





Alex and Realschule Principal Michael Weiand


The 1908 vintage cattle car refurbished by the students at the Realschule as a lasting memorial to all those who perished during the persecution of the Jews



The cemetery marker purchased by the students of the Realschule with proceeds of the book Die Gesichte Der Juden im Haltern. The acknowledgment that Alex survived is unfortunately lost in the grass




Inside the cattle car: a display that depicts Jewish life before, during, and after Hitler. Note the side by side pictures of Natan and Lotte Lebenstein shown on page 1

The children of the Realschule express their feelings for godfather Alex


Alex leaving the opening of the cattle car memorial on the grounds of the Realschule. He is reacting to previous picture.



Alex being swarmed by school children


Planting Alex’s apple tree on the grounds of the Realschule



Alex speaking at Ort gegen das Vergessen (The Place of No Return) commemorating the departing Jews from the City of Haltern




Placard sign for Schule Ohne Rassismus, Schule Mit Courage (School without Racism, School with Courage). 

This is a national recognition bestowed on select schools throughout Germany that meet strict criterion

Memorial at Riga –Bikernieki with ancillary stones that have names of known and presumed victims of the mass killings that took place in 1941-1942



Stones with the names representing each of the 44 French children from the town of Isieu who were murdered by the Nazis in 1944

The three stones commemorating Natan, Lotte, and Alex Lebenstein at Disselhof 36

Students marching in commemoration of Kristallnacht. Burgermeister Erwin 

Kirschenbaum is in the front w/ camera



Alex and war-time friend Ewald Aul with pictures of themselves taken at the end of the war in 1945

Alex holds the Ehrenburger (honored citizen)  declaration filled with the signatures of all the city elders


Alex and Elie Wiesel




Alex celebrates his 80th birthday on November 3, 2007



Teaching from his large book of articles, pictures, and other memorabilia at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond , VA

Alex Lebenstein and Don Levin, celebrating the completion of the editing process



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